What do we sell?

We are one of the oldest and most established retailers of original reggae vinyl in the world. All we sell is Vinyl. 100% Original. In Top Condition. Guaranteed!!

What Is Make Your Best Offer?

When this feature is live, you can make offers on our records. This can only happen once you have an account with us and you are logged in. You can make up to 3 offers per record.

Click here to create an account.

You will know when this feature is LIVE when you see this logo. No records are up for offers until this logo appears on the home page.

Make Your Best Offer

We will then reply to either ACCEPT or DECLINE your offer.

If your offer is ACCEPTED, you wil receive an email containing a confirmation link. Click on this link to go to the checkout.

If your offer is DECLINED, you will receive an email confirming that your offer has not been accepted. Click on the link to make a new offer.

Once an offer has been accepted, you have 24 hours to buy.

All records remain available to BUY NOW until you have paid so if your offer is accepted please pay immediately.


The "Make Your Best Offer" section is updated daily and weekly.


How to find what you want.

All records can be found from the home page.

There are many different searches available and many combinations.

All parts of the site are linked. So click on an artist name and you will go to all the records we have by that artist. This applies to all categories.


You may search using artist name/song title/producer/record label.

Please remember to enter the correct spelling.

If you wish to see an image of the record you want to buy and it is not already there please email us with record title/artist/label and we will provide it.

How to buy?

The only way is online.

We encourage you to login with us so that each time you visit, your shopping cart will remain intact and you will be able to view your order history. However, you do not need to do this to buy from us.

We accept payment from either PayPal OR WorldPay ONLY.

Shipping Costs

These are all calculated automatically online. You can find out the costs yourself by going through to the checkout with the records you want in the basket.

Shipping Times/Methods

All records are mailed as you choose.

We can ship standard airmail. However we strongly advise against this. For further information, please view our terms and conditions. Allow at least 10 days on all International orders.

How often do we add tunes?

We add records almost every day.

All records added within the last 120 days are all viewable directly from the home page. To view these records click here.

What currency are the goods priced in?

All records are priced in UK pounds £ (Sterling).

If you are from outside the UK you may find this web site good for calculating the exchange rate - Currency Converter

Remember all payments through WorldPay for Credit/Debit Cards or Paypal (Please select payment in UK £) are automatically done in sterling and converted for you.

How do we grade records?

We try to be strict in our gradings. Occasionally we may get it wrong or we won't match your expectations. However we always offer 100% money back guarantees on purchases. Click here to view our terms and conditions.

What does WOL/STOL etc mean?

After each grading of the vinyl. Ex/VG etc, we make abbreviated comments to help you understand the exact condition of the record you are buying.

These are the most usual :-
WOL...Writing on the record label..An S in front means Small..
TOL...There is a tear on the label...(S..Means small again)
SOL...Sticker on label...
LD...Label damaged

These may appear in combination. eg. Ex+(WOL/SOL)
In this case the record is in Ex+ condition and has writing and a sticker on the label.

Our vinyl gradings are as follows G/G+/VG/VG-/VG+/Ex-/Ex/Ex+/Mint

We really do try to grade well and fairly. Its in nobodys' interest to have unhappy customers!!

If you see 2 gradings ie Ex/Ex. The first lettering applies to the sleeve or cover. By far the most common grading is Ex or Mint.

Do we sell wholesale?


How do you listen to a sound clip?

All records containing sound clips will be identified by the icon. Clicking this icon will play the sound clip.

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